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We all know how much Lennon does for everybody. I mean, Jess, she’s helping out a ton right now given that you’re barely holding it together.

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this whole interview, god, these ladies are so perfect.

Lennon: I think Jessica appears to be such a put-together normal woman on the surface, and then underneath she’s just as fucked up as the rest of us. But I feel like I’m just super fucked up on the surface already, so I spent half an hour designing a gingerbread man at that party, speaking to no one. Just really getting into making a little yellow bikini on my gingerbread man, which then garnered everyone’s respect. But I wasn’t being a social person — I didn’t apologize for that, and everybody left me alone because they know that I’m weird like that.

i am lennon, lennon is me. 

Speaking of the nerdy girls — you’ve been so responsive to your fan base, especially on Twitter. Was that something that you set out to do?

Jessica: Everybody on Twitter who we talked to, I would like to hang out with! There’s just not one creepy person. I would like to really have a party and have everybody come and watch the last two episodes because you people all are exactly the type of people that we would be friends with.

Lennon: I felt like that was an unusual thing to me because I’ve heard most people are like, “Oh yeah, 90 percent of the feedback I get is like ‘you suck, go suck a dick.’” There’s maybe been one person that has said something rude to either one of us. I think everyone that watches our show, the people that get it, are smart, intelligent, calm people that are secret weirdos, you know?

i’m just so legitimately heartbroken this show got cancelled. these two ladies are such wonderful, kind, and hilarious people.  they created a show that was so honest, real, and so god damn funny.  it represented how I feel, how I act with my friends, and there just isn’t a lot of that out there these days.  I was so looking forward to this show more than anything in the recent years. the five episodes we got were great and it had so much potential to continue to be great for years to come.  i know lennon and jess will continue to do more great things, but it won’t be bff, and that makes me terribly sad.  so fuck you nbc, sometimes I don’t understand you, wait I mean I never understand you….you are the worst. end of rant. 

also that highlighted sentence…..proof lennon parham is a perfect person. 

I do feel like BFF is incredibly reflective of lady best friend relationships, and how ladies talk. The “Oh, I’ve got a rash on my butt” part alone — you don’t necessarily want everyone else to hear that, but you’re going to tell your friend that because that’s the situation.

Lennon: You want to know what’s causing it, and if she has any suggestions. Maybe it’s the new mesh panties you bought on sale.

Jessica: This is a terrible piece of information to share, but I just recently went to my dermatologist and she said, “Hey, thanks for the shout-out — you know, about your butt rash. I really appreciate it.” [Laughs]

I had to show Lennon my butt rash. I didn’t know what was going on and I needed a second opinion, and I certainly wasn’t going to get my husband involved. So in our little office, I had to show it to her. That’s real.

Lennon: It was a simple solution. She just was wearing her yoga pants for too long. [laughs] She would work out and then she would let the sweat dry on her skin, but in between her butt crack it continued to be moist.

Jessica: All right, Lennon. All right.

- Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham interview with PopGurls for BFF